Amanda Buytaert

Amanda has been with Patterson for 6 years holding positions in both the Creative Services group and the Marketing Department. She is currently a Marketing Specialist and works with various vendor partners communicating media opportunities including publications, web, and social media.

Now available through Patterson, Star Wars toothbrushes! Check out the new styles: MANUAL TOOTHBRUSH  Dome Trim® Bristle Design Clinically proven to provide exceptional plaque removal Cleans below the gumline Supports the recommended 45° angle LIGHTSABER™ TOOTHBRUSH Lightsaber™ toothbrush offers timed …
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Fact: Many clinicians want lightweight resin handles that provide easy identification of instruments in the operatory. Challenge: Current lightweight resin handles offer color options, but don’t always feature high-quality working ends that stay sharper longer. Resin 8 scalers and curettes …
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