I have seen many offices transition from traditional paper charts to a completely chartless and/or paperless environment over the years. The best part of making this switch is the increase of efficiencies evident throughout the office.

Eaglesoft offers many features to help an office ditch charts and improve efficiencies. One of those features is SmartDoc. SmartDoc is a dynamic document manager that saves all of your documents digitally. When I work with offices, I tend to use the word “chartless” more often than “paperless” because in reality, chartless is a more realistic goal. Most offices still have some paper to deal with and when you do, you can scan them into SmartDoc and create a digital record.

Not only can you scan documents into SmartDoc for digital filing, Eaglesoft allows you to set preferences that will automatically create a digital file of documents created in Eaglesoft (i.e., treatment plan, letter or report). With a traditional paper chart, you have to print out a treatment plan, have the patient sign it, make a photocopy, give one to the patient and file one in the chart. Such a hassle! With Eaglesoft and SmartDoc, the process of printing the treatment plan will automatically create a copy of that plan and store it in SmartDoc.

Each patient has their own SmartDoc but so does each provider and staff member, each insurance company, each lab and there is even a practice SmartDoc. Think of the possibilities! I’m sure you have a few filing cabinets you’d rather not have to deal with. By scanning the documents into SmartDoc, you are freeing space, tidying up the office and storing the documents digitally for easier access to them when you need them. Eaglesoft allows you to create folders for your documents and each document is stored chronologically in that folder. Finding documents has never been easier! Take it a step further and start asking your business partners if they can email you documents. That way, scanning isn’t even necessary as documents can be imported directly into SmartDoc.

Many paperless offices I work with rely on SmartDoc to store things like insurance EOBs, fee schedules, material safety data sheets (MSDS), employee identification and certifications, to name a few. As I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless.

At Patterson Dental, we are truly committed to the patient experience and practice lifestyle; we want to give your practice the tools to get rid of paper charts in the most efficient manner.

If you need help getting started with SmartDoc, please visit our FAQ page and search “SmartDoc” or call one of our friendly support team members today at 800.475.5036.

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  1. We recently moved to a new office and our scanner and Eaglesoft are not compatible with Windows 7. Which scanner works best with Eaglesoft/Smartdocs?

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