Section 179 and Purchasing Equipment in 2013

With a new tax season come new possibilities, and we at Patterson are excited to offer you new opportunities to improve your practice with cutting-edge equipment in 2013.

Whether it’s the latest from CEREC or a sterilizer you’ve had your eye on for months, tax legislation combined with customizable finance options make the case for equipment purchases in 2013.

As far as legislation, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 has made changes to Section 179, setting the 2013 allowance at $500,000. There is also a bonus depreciation provision, which gives a first-year depreciation deduction on capital equipment purchased. The provision is only until the end of this year.

For finance options, our plans are customizable, so each purchase makes sense for your practice’s needs. Options include up to a seven-year term on financing, document-free financing approvals and possibilities to earn Advantage Dollars. We’ve also partnered with Wells Fargo to offer special practice finance programs specially designed to work with practice equity, practice acquisition and new equipment purchases.

So what are you waiting for? Approvals are generally within an hour and there are no early termination penalties. Because we at Patterson know that, unlike the tax season, improving your practice doesn’t end – it continues through those who work for it.

The information above provides general guidance in applying tax credits and tax deductions. This should not be construed as providing financial advice, tax advice and/or rendering advice on tax return preparation. Consult your tax adviser to best assess your tax savings.