Section 179 Tax Incentive Extended

Invest in new equipment or technology today and watch your practice revenues and tax benefits multiply.

It was announced recently, that Congress has passed a package of tax extenders, including Section 179 that reinstates the ability for small businesses to expense $500,000 in investments in new equipment and technology. The Section 179 cap, which was reduced to $25,000 for fiscal 2015, not only went back up to $500,000, it was permanently extended. Small businesses are now allowed to deduct from its gross income the full purchase price of qualifying equipment or software bought during a tax year, instead of depreciating it over time.

Additionally, Section 179 includes a special 50% bonus depreciation provision that has been extended for five years, or until 2019.  For example, 50 percent of any equipment or technology bought before Dec. 31, 2015 can be depreciated on a company’s 2015 taxes, with the rest depreciated over the remaining life of the equipment.

Take a look at the potential tax benefits of purchasing dental equipment before December 31, 2015.

This doesn’t leave much time to take advantage of this new legislation. Products must be delivered and invoiced before 12/31/15!  Patterson Dental can help you finance your purchases with a plan custom-tailored to your specific needs. Your name and Social Security number are all that is required to start the approval process. Please contact your local Patterson Dental representative or Patterson Financial Services at 1-800-328-5536, ext. 1736.

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