Debra Z. Sabatini, RDH
OralEd Institute

Debra Z. Sabatini, Registered Dental Hygienist, founder of the OralED Institute, Pioneer Health Crusader, Educator & Author is dedicated to Total Health Initiatives and Making Oral Cancer History. A highly respected and sought after speaker Debra’s passion for continued education has lead her to develop & deliver successful programs to Medical & Dental Health providers on Oral Systemic Health, Oral Abnormality Screening™ Techniques for Cancer Prevention, Oral HPV, Effective Communication, Emerging Technologies for Risk Assessment, Personalized Medicine for Optimal Therapy Outcomes and Improved bottom line to list a few. Debra prides herself on being on the cutting edge and looks forward to sharing her experiences in the profession she celebrates. To retain Debra’s services you may contact her at or 561.358.7660