Join Oral Health America As We Fall for Smiles®

Here in Chicago, hints of crisp, cool air after Labor Day can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us (and unfortunately, winter is on the way). As kids head back to school and we get settled into our autumn routines, it’s a great time to refocus on the health of our families.

Oral Health America, a national non-profit organization, and Oral Healthcare Can’t Wait®, an initiative of the Dental Trade Alliance, launched the second annual Fall for Smiles® national messaging campaign last week to do just that. Through communications initiatives, interactive publications and collaborations with partners across the country, we are encouraging families and lawmakers to make oral health a habit and a priority.

So what is Fall for Smiles® all about? We promote healthy smiles and lives by communicating four important messages:

  1. Daily oral hygiene is essential to a healthy mouth and body. What does it take to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent decay? Brush and floss at least two times per day.
  2. Visit your dental professional two times per year. The dental team sees your mouth as a window to your overall health, and in addition to treating and helping prevent tooth decay, they can often see signs of systemic issues before they are noticeable to a physician.
  3. Healthy foods = healthy mouths. A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy will not only help you achieve a lean, strong body – it will augment the strength of your teeth and overall health of your mouth.
  4. Tobacco in any form is addictive and deadly. Smoking cigarettes or using any type of smokeless tobacco will ruin your mouth and take years off your life.

How Can You Fall for Smiles®? It’s Easy!

And that’s just the beginning! Find out more on the OHA website.

Thanks for helping us spread healthy messages this season!