8 Punny Dental Valentines [Free Printable]

8 punny dental valentines

Did you know that every Valentine’s Day an average of 180 million cards are exchanged? That staggering stat makes it clear that people enjoy sending and receiving messages of love, affection, and friendship on February 14th, and that tradition won’t be changing any time soon.

We’ve all exchanged our fair share of humdrum “be mine” and “XOXO” sentiments over the years, so wouldn’t it be nice to switch things up with something more clever this time around? We’ve put together 8 free, printable, dental-themed valentines that feature the universal language of love…PUNS! Surprise your patients and coworkers with a card featuring a cheeky scaler or a karaoke-loving tube of toothpaste, and everyone will marvel at your “jaw-inspiring bur-rilliance!” ?


1. “Scale a Mountain” Dental Pun Valentine

Scale a Mountain Dental Pun Valentine

Remind your friends that you could literally scale a mountain for them with this punny design, and shop Patterson’s selection of dental scalers here.


2. “Scales are Tipped” Dental Pun Valentine

scales are tipped dental pun valentine

Prove that the scales aren’t balanced when it comes to your loved one with this cute sentiment, and shop Patterson’s selection of scalers and curettes here.


3. “Come Between Us” Dental Pun Valentine

come between us dental pun valentine

Tell your friends that plaque is whack but your feelings aren’t with this adorable card, and shop Patterson’s selection of dental floss here.


4. “Hold Me” Dental Pun Valentine

hold me dental pun valentine

Give your patients a subtle reminder not to neglect their daily brushing with this irresistible card, and shop Patterson’s selection of toothbrushes here.


5. “Empty Pockets” Dental Pun Valentine

empty pockets dental pun valentine

Promise your special someone that they’re worth going broke for with this sassy valentine, and shop Patterson’s selection of dental instruments here.


6. “Use me Up” Dental Pun Valentine

use me up dental pun valentine

Promise the music buff in your life that you’re all theirs with this melodious design, and shop Patterson’s selection of toothpaste here.


7. “Pik You” Dental Pun Valentine

pik you dental pun valentine

Promise your special someone that they’re the one you choose with this sweet sentiment, and shop Patterson’s collection of Waterpik products here.


8. “Like Royalty” Dental Pun Valentine

like royalty dental pun valentine

Thank your loved ones for making you feel treasured with this regal valentine, and shop Patterson’s selection of dental crowns here.


Free Printable PDF

dental pun valentines pdf

Click the image above, or CLICK HERE to download and print all 8 valentines.

What’s the punniest dental valentine you can think of? We’d love to[ooth]pick your brain in the comments below. Feel free to share these on social media, and don’t forget to tag us when you do! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Patterson Dental. ?

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