Promote Safer & More Effective Athletics with ArmourBite Custom Mouthwear

Business owners know the more solutions they can offer their customers the better. For dentists, this means being able to react to the needs of their patients by recommending the right product or service. As many professional and student athletes return to practice this fall, dentists and doctors are noticing a unique opportunity to offer ArmourBite® Custom Mouthwear for both on-field and off-field activities. For dentists looking to be versatile in their practices, it pays to offer more than traditional mouthguards that patients can purchase in a sporting goods store.

Why Should I Offer Custom-Fit Mouthwear?

While many patients are familiar with the low price tag that comes with an off-the-shelf, “boil and bite” mouthguard, it’s easy to help them see the benefits of one that’s custom fitted by a dental professional. Most notably, boil and bite models rely on the patients to form the mouthguard at home using techniques that can compromise the fit of the product, resulting in less comfort and protection when worn. Custom fit mouthguards, on the other hand, require that a dental professional take impressions of the patient, ensuring an unmatched precision, custom fit.

Even more exciting is that Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™, offers athletes of all types an extra edge. Research shows that when competing or training, an athlete instinctively clenches their jaw, which compresses the TMJ, triggering the release of cortisol. The impact of cortisol production results in restricted airflow, athletic stress and fatigue. With ArmourBite® Power Wedge™ technology, it  helps the body help itself, preventing teeth from clenching, and pivoting the jaw forward to relieve pressure on the TMJ, as well as physical benefits like increased strength, oxygen intake and endurance, and reduced athletic stress.

Learn More About ArmourBite® Custom Mouthwear

At Patterson, we’re proud to be the exclusive distributor of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear™. Nowhere else can you find the Custom Launch Kit, which allows dentists to become an authorized provider of both the custom fit mouthguard (for contact sports) and mouthpiece (for non-contact sports). Having this product offering can mean great things for your practice.

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