Building On Your Parent’s Lessons

The world has changed. We see this change at every turn as technology influences all aspect of our lives. For those of us whose parents raised on us on the value of a great work ethic, it’s important to recognize and respond to the fact that the Industrial Revolution is over. With all due respect to our well-intentioned parents, a  great work ethic is no longer enough.  Today you must engage both your employee and your client’s hearts and heads to effectively connect and create practice growth and success.

After all the cutting edge education and sexy technology is in place, the magic doesn’t happen until your people engage. A Blessings White study done in 2011 reveals that only two of every six employees is truly engaged in the vision and mission of the business. Engagement then is the single biggest leadership challenge that business owners and managers face these days.

The most effective leaders today realize that the workforce no longer responds to the Oz model of leadership; the all knowing, all powerful doesn’t play anymore. We’ve moved from The Age of Autocracy and leaders like Jack Welch in the 80s through The Age of Empowerment with leaders like Meg Whitman in the 90s and we’re now firmly in The Age of Nurture with leaders like Tony Hsieh of Zappos and John Mackey of Whole Foods.

We hear a lot about Culture these days, especially from some very famous companies that differentiate themselves with their culture. For example, Apple has a culture of innovation. Zappos’ culture is to “Deliver Happiness.” Fed Ex and Southwest Airlines are companies that have very strong cultures.  It’s important to remember 3 things regarding your culture:

  1. Culture is not a program, it’s a core belief that has staying power and could essentially last forever
  2. Culture is your differentiator; it’s why your team & your patients will choose you over another practice.
  3. Culture cannot be bought; it develops from the inside out, with habits over time.

Interested in learning more? In my upcoming webinar I am challenging attendees to ‘Be the Joneses.”  The challenge is to stop playing follow the leader and instead to be the leader!

Following my presentation, Patterson Technology Advisor Mary Horvath will provide expert, actionable instruction on how my concepts can be incorporated into Eaglesoft Practice Management Software.  Please join us next Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 11:00am CST! Online registration is available here.