DIY Dental-Themed New Year’s Party Poppers

diy dental party poppers and labels

With only 3 days left of 2017 we hope you’re “filling” good about your accomplishments throughout the past year, and ready to ring in 2018. What better way to give yourself a “fresh” start to the new year than with DIY dental-themed party poppers? You can fill them with mints, sugar-free gum, travel toothpaste, mini mouthwash, or even just confetti…dental puns are gift enough ?

It’s quite easy to whip up a batch of these festive poppers for your New Year’s Eve fête, especially because we created a free downloadable PDF of the labels – all you’ve got to do is print ’em off and stick ’em on! Read on for the link to download, and for more pictures of these punny creations.

dental party poppers

dental-themed party poppers for new years

dental new years party poppers 2018

There are 6 designs in total, with the following phrases:

  • Party Enamel
  • Filling Good
  • Fresh Start
  • Brace Yourself
  • Mint Condition
  • Flossy Flossy

2018 dental party poppers

Like we said, this project is really simple. Here are the items you’ll need, as well as some assembly instructions.

Supplies needed for DIY Dental-Themed New Year’s Party Poppers:

Wrap each of your tubes in wrapping paper and use clear tape to secure. Grab your ribbon and tie one end closed. Fill your tube with paper crinkles, along with any dental-themed giveaway items you like. (Floss picks, dental floss, peppermints, a stick of gum, etc.) Tie the other end closed with ribbon. Cut out your Printable Dental Party Popper Labels and adhere them to the poppers using clear tape or glue. Voila!

offthecusp new years dental party poppers

We wish you a safe and happy New Year’s celebration, and we hope you enjoyed this lighthearted tutorial. Be sure and tag us on social media if you craft these for your get-together. We look forward to continuing to bring you *fresh* OffTheCusp content throughout 2018. Cheers! ?