Eaglesoft’s Clinical Exam – A Provider’s Gem

I have a birthday trip booked in June to take my little darlings to Arkansas. Those little are my grandchildren. Destination: Murfreesboro to dig for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park. The thought of turning over dirt and finding a gem is very exciting. I hope to find one! What a great mini-vacation.

I equate diamond hunting to the excitement experienced when discovering the Clinical Exam within Eaglesoft. In the Clinical Module this is a gem, like finding a diamond in the rough. Everything can be documented within the tabs of this exam. Customization for each office as to how many Clinical Exam types and custom questions makes this even more specialized, linking data into one centralized window.

Let’s look at a feature of each tab:

  • PERIO – Summarizes all the data collected when periodontal charting.
  • RESTORATIVE – Calculates values based on patient’s condition.
  • TMJ – Records all data as to the health or dysfunction of patient’s joint.
  • OCCLUSION – Records all information about the patient’s maxillary and mandibular contacts.
  • IMAGES – If imaging is installed, acquire images into this section where you can then print, transfer or make comments.
  • COSMETICS – Specific notes related to patient’s response about their dental appearance.
  • HEAD – Records abnormal/normal conditions in the structures of the head and neck.
  • HABITS – Several areas to document all individual situations patients provide during data collection.
  • GENERAL – Miscellaneous patient information and overall conditions.
  • CANCER – Complete cancer screening data collection.
  • HISTORY – Record past conditions pertinent to patient.
  • OTHER – A place to add up to fifteen custom questions per clinical exam type.
  • NOTES – All scribble, text and audio notes can be viewed and edited on a specific exam date.

As a trainer I could teach a complete day on just the Clinical Exam. I encourage all offices utilizing Eaglesoft who are not presently using the Clinical Exam to investigate the possibilities. Take a spin through the tabs and see what you’ve been missing. My hunch is you will be thrilled at what you find.

All chart notes currently being typed in detailed, time-consuming fashion can be summarized within the Clinical Exam. Hours spent charting and periodontal data gathering become much easier. Time with our patients is maximized when our note documentation is streamlined. “Unearth” the Clinical Exam. Find the gem awaiting you. Take your chart notes to a new level.