Visiting the dentist can be a stressful situation for some patients and as a dentist or hygienist, it’s important to have the capabilities to educate patients, keeping them at ease during the visit. A big challenge that many dental offices face is finding ways to educate patients on their dental health and treatment options without overwhelming them.  We understand the importance of making sure the patient is educated on their treatment options, so I am thrilled to announce another update to CAESY Cloud.

You can now use the animations contained within our educational videos as a separate educational resource in patient presentations.  We have added a new button next to the CAESY Cloud presentation name.  Selecting this option means you can choose an animation from our educational video library to use as a digital flip chart to further explain to your patients, in your own words, information on needed treatment.

Getting Animated with CAESY

The best part –  you control the speed of the animation with your mouse.  This allows you to pause and give greater emphasis to certain areas of the animation meaning you have the power to ensure your patient completely understands the treatment explanation. An informed patient is a happy patient, so help them thoroughly understand their treatment options.

CAESY Cloud continues to add new features and content – stay tuned for more ways to keep your patients informed later this year.

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