Grins for a Good Cause: Because One Person’s Fight, Is Everyone’s Fight

A month before Katy Tessman Stanoch’s 40th birthday she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Katy and her husband, along with her two young children, were devastated. On the day of her 40th birthday she had a double mastectomy. Today, due to developed treatments, Katie is in remission. Through support and her incredible strength, cancer did not break her will to survive.

It is because of Katy, and the millions of other women and families affected, that Patterson has joined in the search for a cure for breast cancer in the Grins for a Good Cause campaign.

We first introduced Katy’s inspiring story in last year’s flyer. This year we will feature another cancer survivor’s amazing story in our September and October flyer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Through our network of branch offices across the country, we will continue to host events and raise support for both local and national organizations, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

This past year we have raised more than $150,000 due to our incredible customers and regional representatives. We would also like to congratulate our branches in Chicago, Houston, Raleigh, Nashville and Fargo for being our top fundraisers.

While Katy was diagnosed individually, the fight against breast cancer is mutual, because we at Patterson believe we have the power to change lives by finding a cure together.