PattLock – Protect Your Practice

Your patient records and practice data are critical to your practice. When we say this to people, they all understand. They all get it, but not everyone is taking the necessary steps to protect it. Many think nothing will ever happen to their office.

New advances in technology, particularly faster Internet speeds and available data centers, have made more sophisticated and secure backup options available for your office. For this reason, Patterson is now offering PattLock for your backup needs. PattLock is an online backup solution that has been tested and configured to work specifically with your critical data as well as all of your basic backup needs. If your office has experienced a catastrophic failure of either your server or your backup solution, you know that your data can never be too secure. PattLock is a great solution offering security, time savings and peace of mind.  

PattLock backs up your data across the Internet to redundant data centers while simultaneously creating a local backup for faster data restores. In other words, perform one backup process and get multiple data store locations – one on-site and multiple off-site locations.

And because we understand the dental world, we know your need for HIPAA compliance. During the backup process, the PattLock software will encrypt your data prior to accessing the Internet or the external hard drive. Patterson uses the same encryption level used by the United States government and the National Security Agency.

PattLock will work with any practice management software and will back up any and all data on your computer. For Eaglesoft users this backup offers an extra benefit. You no longer have to worry about stopping and starting the Eaglesoft database. PattLock can back up your data at any time without interrupting your work flow.

Make sure you keep your data safe! Back up completely, frequently and securely.

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  1. Just wanted to get some more info/pricing on this- can someone email me info to discuss w/ our management team? Thanks!

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