3M Cement Selection Guide [Infographic]

3m cement selection illustrated guideHot coffee or iced coffee? Sandals or loafers? Bring lunch or buy lunch? Happy hour or home? As working professionals our weekdays are filled with choices, and for dental industry professional those choices can swiftly multiply! Which file, which bur, which fluoride…the list goes on.

Choosing a cement is no exception. The best cement for a crown may not be the best cement for a bridge, which may not be the best cement for veneers, etc. Is your head spinning yet?? Well take a moment to enjoy a long, relaxing exhale: we’ve created an illustrated guide to help you quickly and easily determine precisely which cement is “the best” for your procedure!



3M cement selection infographic[Click image for full-size version]



Now that you’ve found the product that you’re “cement to be with,” shop for your favorite by clicking on the links below:

5 types of 3M RelyX cements1. RelyXTM Temp Cement – Shop

2. Unicem RelyXTM Plus Cement – Shop

3. RelyXTM Plus Luting Cement – Shop

4. RelyXTM Ultimate Cement – Shop

5. RelyXTM Veneer Cement – Shop

Don’t you wish that ALL the tough choices you encounter throughout your day would come with handy charts like this one? We sure do! Let us know in the comments section below what sort of guide would be most helpful throughout your work day.

Oh – and even though it’s the digital era, we understand that sometimes it feels good to hold something in your hands. If you would prefer a physical cement selection guide, visit 3M’s website HERE to request free materials for your office.