Now THAT’S a Clear Picture! Upgrade to Schick 33 Sensors

upgrade to schick 33 sensorsRegrettably, dental technology often keeps dental professionals locked into preset boundaries with little room for adjustment based on personal preferences – the widget is going to do what the widget was programmed to do, how the widget was programmed to do it.

Refreshingly, this is not the case with Schick 33 Sensors! With increased customization, enhanced image clarity, and easy installation, these sensors offer dentists the latitude to not only tailor their procedures but also to diagnose more quickly, with a higher degree of accuracy. As Dr. Philip Mendelovits, DDS, states in the video clip below, “If you can visualize something more easily, you make better decisions for your patients.”

Rousingly, now through July 31, when you upgrade from Schick Elite CDRs to Schick 33, you’re eligible for a rebate of up to $500.


Dr. Mendelovits speaking about the benefits of Schick 33 Sensors.



Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to imaging, Schick 33 allows for specific diagnostic needs. The clinical-specific mapping feature allows you to create automatic defaults including presets for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, or restorative dentistry.

preset image settings of schick 33 sensorsThese are some examples of Schick 33’s per-configured image controls.

What’s more, you can drill down further to create even more personal “me-sets” — a feature that allows multiple users to adjust image clarity and orientation in a way that’s most comfortable. Easily save and share using this multi-clinician practice feature!



The better and more-detailed the picture, the easier it is for a trained eye to quickly diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment. With Schick 33, it’s easy to adjust image sharpness to the level you desire with the powerful Image Enhancement System. Simply move the interactive image enhancer to quickly adjust image quality and achieve an unprecedented level of personalization and control.

schick 33 sensors sharpening optionsThese example images demonstrate the wide spectrum of sharpness levels available.

In this video highlighting Schick 33, Dr. Hazel Soliman, DDS, says the image clarity is so high that at times she’s able to diagnose periodontal concerns from across the room:


 Dr. Soliman speaking about her experience with Schick 33 Sensors.



Patterson TechEdge service van and driverIn North America, every Schick system is installed, serviced, and supported by Patterson Dental, the most trusted partner for services, supplies, training, and technology. Each system is also supported by Patterson’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and the dental industry’s most comprehensive warranty program.

Additionally, Schick users can enjoy the benefits of the Patterson Technology Center — the dental industry’s leading technology support center for digital radiography.



Schick CDR versus Schick 33 It’s easy to get started. Purchase Schick 33 Sensors at by July 31 and receive up to a $500 rebate. It’s about time you experienced the customization and clarity that leads to more efficient work, and more precise decision-making. You, your team, and as Dr. Soliman stated, even your patients will soon be saying, “Now THAT’S a clear picture!”