5 Reasons to Try KaVo for 5 Days

KaVo is known for producing premium dental equipment worldwide, but you don’t have to take our word for it – you can put a variety of our products to the test with the TryKaVo program!

How it works

Choose a KaVo handpiece you’d like to try at http://www.TryKaVo.com, demo the handpiece in your office for five business days, then return the handpiece to KaVo – no strings attached!

1. Try a Handpiece for free

KaVo is recognized as a leading dental manufacturer worldwide. Our products offer maximum comfort for patients during treatment plus precision and time saving for dental professionals.

2. TryKaVo is a one-of-a-kind program

TryKaVo is the only program of its kind in the dental industry today. Simply visit www.TryKaVo.com and select the KaVo product you want to try. “The product ships to you, you get to use it for five days, then you drop it in a box and ship it back to KaVo,” Goss says. KaVo even includes pre-addressed and pre-paid packaging for your return.

3. No pressure

Scheduling an appointment with sales representatives every time you want to try a new product can be exhausting. With the TryKaVo program, you can try the products you want without setting aside time for a sales pitch. Plus, you actually get to use your product on live patients in the comfort of your office – no more demos on cutting blocks!

4. Easy-to-use web portal

If you’ve never purchased products online, you can still use the TryKaVo web portal. “There is a very broad selection of KaVo products, from Air Driven to Electric to Hygiene,” Goss says. “It’s an easy to use checkout process, much like you’d use on Amazon to purchase your products.” Simply select the KaVo product you’d like to try, enter your zip code to find a dealer in your area and place your order! Your package will be delivered straight to your office.

5. Risk-free trial program

The TryKaVo program is truly risk-free. “You get it for five days – if you don’t like it or you want to try other KaVo products before making a final purchase, you can send it back,” says Goss. “Or at the end of the trial, you can talk to your sales rep about purchasing your KaVo product.”

Are you ready to TryKavo?