At A-dec, Seeing Is Believing

Sometimes, seeing really is believing.

When it comes to A-dec equipment, we find that’s often the case. A-dec’s reputation for high-quality, reliable products is no secret. But its remarkable culture, idyllic setting in the Pacific Northwest and amazing range of equipment is. That’s why we have the A-dec Educational Experience, through which we take Patterson Dental customers to A-dec’s headquarters in Newberg, Ore.

While there, doctors have the ability to test-drive various chairs and delivery systems in more than 20 different fully functional operatories. There’s no better place to compare and contrast operatory set-ups to determine the perfect fit for a new or renovated office.

After the trip, we find that the secret is out. Most frequently, the comments we hear from dentists focus on the quality of A-dec equipment. The tour allows a behind-the-scenes look at A-dec’s entire product line and the assembly process. Without fail, dentists are amazed at how well-made the products are.

Seeing is believing when it comes to the cabinetry, which is meticulously crafted to be space-efficient, task-efficient and perfect for a dental practice. And in some cases, sitting is believing. One doctor, who purchased A-dec chairs after her visit to Newberg, told us her patients often tell her how comfortable the chairs are.

“That comfort is important, but it also brings us back to why we’re all here – providing a great experience for our patients!”

3 thoughts on “At A-dec, Seeing Is Believing

  1. Elliot,

    I could not agree with you more, nice article. You know it works when all the others are trying to mirror the on-site visit. Nobody does it like A-Dec!

    Greg Pinkerton, SVP
    Bank of America Practice Solution

  2. Dream of working for Patterson. Please notify if any Marketing or sales positions open up for entry level candidates.

  3. A-dec is a great company! I can vouch for that as my mother worked their 30 years, and is now retired. My brother and I worked summer jobs there during college.

    I can’t say enough about the owners Ken and Joanne Austin. Fantastic and very caring people.

    Newberg is a little sleepy town I grew up in, but without A-dec there to support the local community, it would have a tough go at it.

    Great to see this article.


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