Brushing of the Future is Already Here: Bluetooth Toothbrush Bundle Giveaway

Brushing of the future is already hereFlying cars and hover boards may not be here yet (well, at least not safe ones), but the future has arrived when it comes to one thing: brushing your teeth.

Bluetooth technology has introduced a whole new world of possibilities in home oral care. The first power toothbrush to feature this technology is the Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart Series. The Pro 5000 Smart Series connects via Bluetooth to the Oral-B app on a brusher’s smart phone, yielding a wealth of information.

How many times has a dental professional suggested a two-minute brush time, only to have the suggestion ignored? With the Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart Series, one study showed average brush time increased from 60 seconds to nearly two and a half minutes!

This can partially be attributed to the Oral-B app, which provides an animated digital timer, along with news, weather, and more. Plus, the two-way connectivity between the toothbrush and the app guides the user with real-time feedback on brushing, including an alert if they’re brushing too hard!

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iphone screen grab of oral b appScreen Grab of Oral-B App [Source]

The superior results from Bluetooth brushing can be applied to a variety of desired outcomes: fresher breath, a reduction in plaque, whitening benefits, and improved gum health and ortho care. Those are great benefits for the patient, but what about for dental healthcare professionals? Well, you or someone in your office can even program the app to help a patient focus on specific problem areas and improve brushing behaviors!



crest and oral-b power bundleCrest & Oral-B Power Bundle – Shop

The future of brushing is here today. And you can bring it to your patients through an Oral-B Power Bundle, which features the Pro 5000 Smart Series Toothbrush, a full-sized tube of Crest ProHealth Advanced Toothpaste, a 250 ml bottle of Crest ProHealth Multi-Protection Rinse, and 10 M of Oral-B Glide ProHealth Clinical Protection Floss. For a more detailed write-up of each of these products, along with a video about the Pro 5000 Smart Series Toothbrush, visit our original Oral-B power bundle post!

The good news will keep right on rolling, since we’re currently offering the chance to win THREE power bundle packages, f o r f r e e! Complete details, along with the simple entry form, can be found on our website:


Good luck, and we hope you enjoyed “brushing up” on your knowledge of Bluetooth technology and its intersection with the world of oral health care! Feel free to ask any questions you might still have in the comments below.

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