Bundle Up With FREE Crest & Oral-B Power Bundles [Giveaway]

Bundle up with Oral-B and Crest power bundles

Brrrrrr, it’s chilly outside. That makes it the best time of year to bundle up! We’re not talking about scarves, mittens, or mukluks, though. We’re talking about bundling up with a Power Bundle from Crest and Oral-B. It might not keep you warm in frigid winter winds, but it sure should keep you excited! Read on to find out why…



the crest and oral-b bundle boost

There’s plenty of reason to be gleeful about what Crest and Oral-B Power Bundles can bring to your practice. For starters, these bundles increase patient compliance by enabling better oral healthcare at home. It’s basically like sending your patients home with their own personal assistant! (A less attractive and far less lovely dental assistant than yourself, no doubt, but an assistant nevertheless.)

Beyond that, they provide an avenue for you to boost your bottom line.

Better still? For a limited time, you can register to win three FREE Crest and Oral-B Power Bundles for your practice! Excitement should always be multiplied when free giveaways enter the equation.



items included in a crest and oral-b power bundle

Crest & Oral-B Power Bundle – Shop

What exactly is bundled in this bundle, and what makes it so powerful? Glad you asked! Each bundle, which retails for $175, includes four items:


1. Crest ProHealth Advanced Toothpaste

tube of Crest ProHealth Advanced Toothpaste

A full-sized tube of Crest ProHealth Advanced Toothpaste, formulated with fluoride and proven to reverse gingivitis in only 4 weeks.

2. Crest Multi-Protection Rinse

bottle of crest multi-protection rinse

A 250 ml bottle of Crest Multi-Protection Rinse, a germ-killing, bad breath-fighting, clean mint-tasting formula.

3. Oral-B Glide ProHealth Clinical Protection Floss

container of oral-b glide prohealth clinical protection floss

10 full meters of Oral-B Glide ProHealth Clinical Protection Floss, a natural wax-coated formula which helps reverse gingivitis in just 2 weeks.

4. Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush

oral-b Pro 5000 smartseries electric toothbrush prouct image

The revolutionary Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush, the first toothbrush with Bluetooth technology.

Wait…a Bluetooth connected toothbrush? Yup! Simply download the Oral-B app to your smartphone and once connected, you’ll receive real-time feedback on your brushing habits, including a sensor which alerts you if you’re brushing too hard. If you’re a gadget geek, learn more with this quick and informative video:


Pressure alerts and simultaneous weather updates? What a world we live in.

Connected health, the practice of administering healthcare remotely via technology, is no longer a thing relegated to the future…it’s swiftly becoming integrated into the healthcare of today! This Crest and Oral-B power bundle will help keep your practice – and your patients – on the cutting edge of healthcare in 2016.


Are you excited to bundle up? Which of the products included in the set makes you the most excited? Would you ever sync your toothbrush to a smartphone, or is that too much work for what should be a simple activity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. Haha- that was honestly our first instinct too when we initially learned about the bluetooth toothbrush, but several Patterson Dental employees have purchased one and won’t stop raving about it! Guess it’s the same way with any new technology – some people are early adopters, and some people are “never” adopters 😉

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