CEREC Does It Again

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for Sirona to do it again – they did.  Their CEREC software update 4.4 provides what I think is a BIG GAME CHANGER when it comes to implantology – CEREC Guide 2.

What Is CEREC Guide 2?

What is a CEREC Guide 2?

CEREC Guide 2 is a digital in office milled implant surgical guide.  Unlike the original CEREC Guide, it does not require the use of thermoplast or an x-ray aid.  This makes it a totally digital process!

Another significant benefit is the cost and time involved.  The surgical guide block is $56 and takes approximately 45-50 minutes to mill.  This makes it a legitimate same day surgical guide!

What is the CEREC Guide 2 Workflow?

What is a CEREC Guide 2 Workflow?

Essentially there are 3 steps to manufacture a CEREC Guide 2.

First you need a Sirona 3D CBCT and CEREC digital impression.  The CBCT can be captured via the Galileos, Orthophos SL, or XG3D.  The CEREC digital impression can be captured via the OmniCam, BlueCam, or even the RedCam.

CEREC Guide 2

CEREC Guide 4

Second you need to plan your virtual implant placement using Sidexis and Galaxis implant planning software.  By combining your CEREC virtual waxup with your CBCT data you are able to achieve a prosthetically driven implant plan.  This concept will allow you to ideally support the implant and peri-implant tissues.

CEREC Guide 2

Finally, you will import your implant plan into CEREC 4.4 software.  Here you design all aspects of your surgical guide – size, inspection windows, slots, block choices, etc.

The final result is a precision surgical guide made in just under an hour from start to finish!

CEREC Guide 2

CEREC Guide 2

Looking At The Bigger Picture!

CEREC Guide 2

The availability of CEREC Guide 2 completes the workflow of chairside digital implantology.  What most don’t truly appreciate is that we now have complete control of the single tooth implant process (which represents nearly 90% of all implants in the USA) from beginning to end.  This results in better clinical outcomes that takes less time and costs less.  This is a win-win for your patients and practice.

Looking to learn more?

If you are intrigued by this possibility for your practice and don’t already own CEREC or Sirona 3D imaging products the please take an opportunity to attend a 3D Summit.  The 3D Summit is a unique learning experience brought to you by Sirona Dental and Patterson Dental to give you insight and hands-on experience with this technology from leading clinicians.  Visit www.3DSummit.com or ask your Patterson territory rep for more details.

If you are a current CEREC and Sirona 3D imaging owner and want to truly master these techniques, I personally invite you to attend one of our hands-on training programs in Raleigh, NC.  Visit www.3D-Dentists.com or email me at DrA@3D-Dentists.com for more details.