Equip Your Dental Practice with Next-Level Sanitization with PurLite Clean UV-C Cleaner

The focus for week one of Dental Infection Control Awareness Month (#DICAM20) is hand hygiene. And while your practice may diligently follow Hand Hygiene Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are still more precautions your dental practice can take.

Going beyond washing hands when visibly soiled, before eating and after using the restroom, keeping surfaces, high-touch personal items and personal protective equipment (PPE) clean can provide additional safeguards against the spread of bacteria. Nearly every surface you encounter contains harmful germs and bacteria. Normal, daily activities become a conduit for these germs to reside.

Simply put, washing your hands isn’t enough, as we carry bacteria and germs everywhere and onto everything we touch and use. These germs get transferred throughout your dental practice as well as people’s homes.

However, we can sanitize the items we frequently use to prevent bacteria and germs from affecting our daily lives. One sanitation tool is the new PurLite™ Clean UV-C Cleaner. PurLite is a sanitizer that uses advanced, medical grade UV-C technology to provide a fast and effective way to ensure patients and employees feel safe and protected while in your office.

As dental practices reopened during COVID-19, “patients are much more focused and teams and dentists (obviously) are much more focused on infection control,” says Bryan Laskin, DDS. “And I think it’s very important to recognize that this isn’t just the dental team … patients are also focused on that.”

PurLite Clean UV-C Cleaner can be used to disinfect face masks and other PPE.

Designed for both the workplace and the home, PurLite’s patented UV-C technology eliminates 99.9% of common germs and bacteria that challenge us today. As Dr. Laskin points out in his video below, some items such as the N95 mask can’t be sterilized with chemical disinfectants. Since the start of the pandemic, N95 masks and other PPE have been in short supply. The use of additional PPE in dental practices has also proven to be costly. By using PurLite to disinfect and expand the life of face masks, “we can save on PPE, save on costs, save on time, by leveraging UV lights,” says Dr. Laskin.

Watch the video below to learn how PurLite works and the potential benefits to your practice.

In just seconds, you can use PurLite to sanitize PPE and personal items without the use of harsh chemical disinfectants or throw-away cleaning products. PurLite will help protect your staff and patients, save your practice money and help you grow your patient base.

Learn more about the PurLite Clean UV-C Cleaner home and commercial sterilization system at pattersondental.com or contact your Patterson Dental rep.

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