Fight Evil Plaque with the Force

Now available through Patterson, Star Wars toothbrushes! Check out the new styles:

    •  Dome Trim® Bristle Design
      • Clinically proven to provide exceptional plaque removal
      • Cleans below the gumline
      • Supports the recommended 45° angle

    • Lightsaber™ toothbrush offers timed brushing assistance for kids
      • The ADA recommends brushing for 2 minutes to effectively remove plaque from teeth
    • Colored LED lights flash for 1 minute intervals to help kids brush longer
      • 1minute flashing = 1 minute maxillary and 1 minute mandibular brushing
    • Special Interdental Trim
      • Interdental trim bristles align with the interdental arch to gently remove plaque between teeth
    • Mercury-free battery included

    • Soft oscillating bristles gently massage gums and clean teeth
    • Suction cup base
      • Reduces counter clutter and helps keep the brush head clean
    • Batteries included

See the ad in the March/April ONtarget for item numbers and pricing.