Help! Where do I start?

Facebook … Twitter … Blogs … YouTube … Google+ … Pinterest … It seems as though there is a new social media channel popping up every day. If you are starting to look at using social media within your dental practice, it can be overwhelming just trying to figure out where to start. Even for those of us who have been actively participating in the social space for quite some time, it can be a lot to wrap your head around at times.

The one thing you need to remember with social media is that it is meant to be social. It is built for interaction. Instead of jumping on three … four … five … or more social platforms, it simply makes more sense to get involved where the conversations are.

But where are the conversations happening? That will be different for every office. However, you have the answer to that question walking through your door every day … your patients. Use the original social media platform, face-to-face conversation, and ask them where they spend their time online. Ask them if they use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You’d be surprised how many will openly share this information. They may even give you ideas for content or campaigns they’d like to see from you.

So instead of getting overwhelmed in the social media space, talk to your patients. Find out where they socialize and join them.

2 thoughts on “Help! Where do I start?

  1. Thank you, Kristen. Great advice and I think that it is helpful to remember to first listen and then to focus on the channels that will have the biggest impact. The analogy that comes to mind is to “find the kitchen,” meaning when you are at a party, regardless of how large the space, most of the people and the conversation takes place in the kitchen. If your readers are interested in more details, Kaila Colbin posted an article titled ‘Find The Kitchen’: Your New Online Marketing Mantra on

  2. Often my accounts will ask me about social medial and where to begin. Surveying your patients is an excellent way to find how they use and engage in social media. There are a few ways I have found my accounts surveying:

    At the end of each appointment ask how their office/treatment experience rates. From staff friendliness to office cleanliness… Update email address and cell numbers for SMS and survey what social sites they are “actively” participating. This can be done via post card (for those patients not having the in-office time to complete), SMS a link to the survey or via iPad chairside while waiting on a hygiene check, etc. Integrate the survey result ratings into Yelp, Google etc.

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