The Importance of Dental Team Education

As any business owner can tell you, one of the keys to growing your business and to having it THRIVE is to be constantly learning. Even if what you are doing is working for you now, what if you can learn something to make it even better? Easier? More FUN? I am grateful that not a week goes by that I do not learn something new about how to better serve and grow AADOM.

In your dental practice, how are things? Good? Status quo? That’s not good enough. And that is why educating everyone on the team, including the hygienist, the assistant, and, of course, the office manager and business team, is the key to a successful practice. There is no shortage of quality dental education around. Whether it be local, regional, or national events, attendance is crucial to learn what is new and cutting edge in dentistry and how to implement these new systems and technologies into your practice. And I don’t mean just for the dentist.

A dental practice leader who attended the Dental Managers Conference last year recently shared on the AADOM Member Forum that one item that he implemented – a tip learned in the Eaglesoft Users Session – freed up one hour of staff time every day. That’s about 20 working hours a month that the team can now use to do something more productive. Multiply that over a year and the ROI of this conference is not even a question. What would your practice do with an extra 20 working hours a month?

Dentistry is a TEAM sport. There is no “I” in dentistry. Actually, there is, but you get my point. A dentist does not and cannot exist in a vacuum. No business owner can. The dentist is one part of the machine. The dentist cannot possibly know what is the most current and valuable information from a hygiene, assisting or business office perspective even if they were to attend every clinical learning opportunity available.

A dentist needs to invest in the education of his or her team. This knowledge, empowerment and TRUST that team members will learn and share new knowledge to benefit the practice is invaluable. There will be hard ROI when new best practices are implemented as well as an intangible ROI when you believe in your team to help grow your practice by keeping them at the top of their game through education.

How does your practice educate and empower your team?

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  1. So true, and what a wonderful organization you have created Heather! I wish AADOM was around when I was getting started in dentistry many years ago… AADOM is one of the best meetings available — I look forward to seeing everyone there again this year. See you in Nashville!

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