Linda Harvey: The Air That You Breathe in Your Practice [VIDEO]


Air quality has been a hot topic for a very long time whether it be air pollution, secondhand smoke or the aerosols in a dental setting. COVID-19 has further illuminated the focus on aerosols in the dental setting over the past year. This video from Linda Harvey, RDH, an experienced compliance and risk management strategist, dives into what you can do to be safe and achieve higher quality air in your practice. These are some of the strategies and steps Linda’s video addresses:

Office-Wide: Air Flow Throughout the Office

  • 6 Air Exchanges per hour (Per CDC)
  • HEPA Compatibility of HVAC Unit

Operatory: Aerosol Control Throughout the Operatory

  • Direction of Air Flow and Returns
  • Air Purifier in the Operatory
  • Extra Oral Evacuation

Oral Cavity: Intra-Oral Controls Throughout Patient Care

  • 4-handed Dentistry
  • HVE for Hygienists
  • Dental Dams

Learn more about how to improve the air that you breathe in your practice each day in the chart and video below.

About the expert

A nationally-recognized healthcare risk management and compliance expert, Linda Harvey, MS, RDH, HRM, assists dentists and teams in navigating regulatory requirements. She is the founder and president of two compliance-related companies. And is passionate about helping dental professionals become compliance experts for their practice.

During her programs, Linda draws from real-world experience, having worked with offices that have undergone HIPAA, OSHA and Infection Control audits. Linda’s programs will challenge you to look at your compliance programs from a different perspective, particularly amid the COVID-19 crisis.