Meet Our Efficiency Expert

I’m honored to write this special post about Patterson Dental’s Regional Technology Advisor Jenny Allen, and to give recognition to one of Patterson’s brightest stars.

Jenny has been with Patterson for seven years and is a certified Patterson Technology Advisor. That means she’s fluent in the software and technologies you use every day in your dental office. She provides expert tips on making the best use of your Eaglesoft practice management software as well as integrating it with your other practice technologies, like Schick digital imaging and CAESY patient education.

Off the Cusp isn’t the only place that Jenny provides education and tips, however. She is responsible for training Patterson’s field technology advisors in our western regions and making sure they’re ready to handle our customers’ onsite technology needs.

I’m grateful for her expertise and glad that she can share it with you, too. Thank you, Jenny, for all that you do!