Position Team Members as Experts in Your Social Media Marketing

Is your dental practice effectively using simple video clips in your dental social media marketing efforts? If not, here’s some great inspiration…

Drs. Hammond and Ellis, and their team, are doing several things right here in their video strategy development.

First, they’re reaching out with relevant, useful information – stuff that their patients and prospective patients can really benefit from.

Second, there’s no “pitching” going on here. They’re just creating value.

Third, they are keeping the videos short – about one minute or less.

Fourth, they’re taking advantage of the personalities of their team members. Never forget that your team members have close, personal relationships with your patients.

Fifth, they are not postponing their project by trying to achieve some sort of epic, Hollywood-like production value. When the content is good and the delivery is sincere you don’t need to obsess over the production value. Just get a tripod, come in close enough to your subject that the sound is good, try to get enough light in the room, and shoot!

Thanks to our friends at Hammond & Ellis for these great examples.

This first example is about oral cancer:

The second is about dry mouth:

The third is about how the foods one eats affect patients’ teeth:

And the fourth example is about bad breath:

What do you think? Are you effectively using video to position your team members as experts? If so, what’s working for you? Let us know in the comments section below!