MI Paste: This stuff works wonders!

Introduced to the United States in 2004, GC America’s MI Paste has been – and continues to be – a trusted topical tooth cream in many households and dental offices worldwide. It is a highly effective, safe product that can be used to treat a variety of dental conditions and help promote oral health in general. Favored for its versatility in application, here are some conditions MI Paste and MI Paste Plus effectively treat that you may not be aware of:

  • Tooth sensitivity and restoring enamel loss after whitening procedures
  • Dry mouth caused by medications
  • High levels of oral acid from excessive consumption of soft drinks/sports drinks
  • Sensitivity from hot and cold, after bleaching or whitening, and after professional cleaning
  • Buffering acids produced by bacteria and plaque
  • Protection of teeth during orthodontic treatment
  • Providing calcium phosphate for patients suffering from erosion, caries, and conditions arising from xerostomia¹

Aside from the multiple conditions this product treats, every healthy set of teeth needs calcium; the phosphate and fluoride contained in MI Paste and MI Paste Plus makes it essential for every home and dental office. (Not to mention it comes in five tasty flavors – melon, mint, strawberry, tutti-frutti and vanilla.)

Experience for yourself the broad range of application this product brings. It will make you and your patients happy.

Visit our website to purchase your own supply of MI Paste or MI Paste Plus. Or you can contact your local Patterson representative and they’ll take care of you.

¹ Bullet points from Dental Product Shopper