Mouthguards for Your Patient Athletes

mouthguards for your patient athletesWith the onset of fall sports (football, lacrosse, soccer, etc.) make sure to remind your patient athletes that a mouthguard should be considered part of the protective equipment pickup this season!

If a patient participates in organized team sports, the use of a mouthguard can help protect their teeth, jaw and gums from potential on-field injury.

There are very simple statistics for providers to help educate patients:

  • The AGD cites that mouthguards help prevent nearly 200,000 injuries every year.
  • The estimated cost to replace a tooth is $5,000.
  • The ADA cites that 10-20% of all sports-related injuries are maxillofacial.

A mouthguard, whether custom-fabricated or a boil and bite variety, is a far less expensive and less traumatic solution to prevent injuries to the teeth, jaw and gums! Featuring the Under Armour Performance Mouthwearâ„¢ lineup in the office is one great example of how to grow your practice!

under armour retainer tree displaysAn example of refillable table top display trees of Under Armourâ„¢ mouthguards for youth or adults.

Patterson proudly features the Custom Launch Kit, as well as the Boil & Bite Display Tree Program – two great options that offer preventive protection.

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