New Addition to the Sirona Family

On September 6 and 7, Sirona and Patterson are hosting the next 3DSummit in Dallas, Texas. The summit provides an exciting opportunity to experience how the latest 3D cone beam and CAD/CAM technology, specifically Sirona GALILEOS XG3D and GALILEOS-CEREC integration, can allow a clinician to drastically expand the practice’s treatment capabilities. You can find information on 3D Summit registration, find a summit near you and check out the speakers here.

Though 3D should not be thought of as solely for implants, the Integrated Implantology site from Sirona provides an excellent opportunity to see for yourself what GCI can provide for an office placing dental implants.

This past summer, Sirona introduced a new family member. The Sirona GALILEOS Comfort Plus, launched at the AAO in Philadelphia, continues the tradition of ingenuity and forward-thinking that Sirona has built throughout its 136 years as an imaging company. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Javid Tokhi, Sirona’s Imaging Product Manager, about the GALILEOS Comfort Plus.

What would you say are the major benefits of the GALILEOS Comfort PLUS?

The GALILEOS Comfort PLUS offers many possibilities for modern, integrated workflows through the integrated FaceScan and the unique workflow of integrated implantology in connection with CEREC.  This technology brings the industry one step closer to the virtual patient: while taking the X-ray, the laser-free scanner plots the patient’s facial structure, texture and coloring and then automatically integrates the 3DX-ray and 3D face scan for a virtual representation of the patient’s maxillofacial area. The final result is ideal for illustrating treatment recommendations and as the basis for maxillofacial surgery planning.

What are the major differences between the GALILEOS Comfort Plus and its predecessor, the GALILEOS Comfort?

With the GALILEOS Comfort Plus, we have added the integrated FaceScan and HD mode capabilities. The HD mode allowed us to increase the resolution from 300 microns to 250 microns and in the Close-Up feature, the resolution was increased from 150 microns to 125 microns.

What advantages does the volume size offer a general practice as opposed to a smaller 8×8 volume?

With the larger FOV, the practice has the ability to provide the patient a comprehensive and efficient clinical workflow. The fast 14-second scan allows the practice to acquire the anatomical landmarks of the patient’s maxillofacial area quickly and to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

How does the Dolphin integration benefit users?

Dolphin Integration allows us to send the diagnostic data obtained from the GALILEOS Comfort Plus in the most efficient way possible, therefore saving time and possible error that can occur from manually incorporating the data.

As you move forward down the Digital Dentistry path, educational opportunities like a Sirona 3D Summit provide you with the chance to see for yourself what an investment in technology like the Comfort Plus can do to enhance the patient experience and practice lifestyle.