A New Exclusive Line of Lasers

In an era of dentistry with rapidly changing technologies, Patterson Dental now features an exclusive line of the aptly named Pioneer Lasers.

Lasers today are valuable tools in the dental practice, and more and more dentists are discovering laser technology. The laser can perform minor surgical and therapeutic procedures, all the while reducing bacteria. By using the most practical, least invasive technology, Pioneer Lasers allow dental practices to perform more services – even those they may have referred out previously.

When the innovative company’s diode lasers – including the Pioneer Pro and Pioneer Elite – are used for soft-tissue surgical procedures, patients heal faster and there are less post-operative complications. Many procedures around the gingiva can be completed without anesthesia for greater patient acceptance and comfort.

Plus, for therapeutic procedures, the Pioneer Elite increases blood circulation to muscles, joints and other areas of the body to allow patients to heal safely and more quickly with less pain, inflammation and infection.

Whether it’s for a soft-tissue surgical procedure or a therapeutic one, there’s nothing else like lasers on the market today. Patterson is pleased to announce this new exclusive line to help dentists enhance the patient experience and practice lifestyle.