Patterson Companies Makes Forbes Most Trustworthy List

Good news for Patterson customers and shareholders…Patterson Companies, Inc. is making headlines with its selection to the Forbes listing of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies. An independent financial analytics company provided the list based on its evaluation of key data. Companies spotlighted were found to demonstrate openness and integrity in accounting and management practices – and to be without the pitfalls that have plagued other corporations.

For the Company and its businesses – Patterson Dental, Webster Veterinary and Patterson Medical – being independently recognized as a trustworthy company means more than standing out in the field of more than 8,000 companies evaluated. It’s about bringing value and assurance to customers and shareholders for the long haul. This straightforward approach to doing business and communicating business practices goes hand-in-hand with providing solutions that help customers improve their business – a package deal centered on doing what’s best for customers, employees and shareholders.

4 thoughts on “Patterson Companies Makes Forbes Most Trustworthy List

  1. Whoo-Hoo Patterson is awesome! We know how to take care of our customers and employees. As our mantra states” The answer is YES, now what is the question?” Good job Patterson! Much love from the Branch 454 team!!

  2. As an employee of Patterson Dental, I am very proud of this achievement. We are very lucky to work for a company that is held with such high regards. “It’s about bringing value and assurance to customers and shareholders for the long haul.”- perfectly stated. We are honored!
    BRANCH #454

  3. Patterson has always had a deep level of commitment to the customer. We believe that loyalty is one of our greatest attributes. Thinking outside the box isn’t something we have to do – to us, the box doesn’t even exist! Policy has nothing to do with success, principles have everything to do with the success of people – & that leads to the success of the company.
    Branch 438

  4. We are honored to have an exclusive partnership with Patterson Dental. There has never been a minute of time that we’ve ever questioned our decision to offer our 20 minute in office teeth whitening system to Patterson as an exclusive product.

    Patterson Dental has been a fantastic partner and we could not have made a better choice in forming a relationship with them. We are honored to have this opportunity and look forward to working with them for many more years to come~

    Sinsational Smile, Inc.
    Jim Crowley
    President and Founder

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