Patterson Patient Take Home Bag

You work hard to help keep your patients’ gums and teeth clean, but let’s face it, good oral health starts at home. The products patients use after they leave your office will dictate the condition of their oral cavity for the next 6 months between cleanings. Sending them home with quality products that best fit their dental needs can help to keep problems such as cavities, gingivitis and perio issues to a minimum.

Here are some of Patterson’s picks for take home products to keep your patients healthy between visits. We do, however, recommend picking products that focus on your patients’ individual needs. For instance, a patient with sensitivity would be better suited to a sensitive toothpaste because a whitening toothpaste may actually worsen the condition. What are your favorite products to send home with your patients?

oral hygiene take home bag

Patterson Private Label Indicator Toothbrushes

Our Private Label toothbrushes have a built-in indicator that tells your patients when it’s time to get a new brush. Blue bristles turn white as the brush wears down. When only half the blue remains, it’s time to replace.

Premier Enamelon Toothpaste

This Enamelon pack from Premier comes in two parts – a paste and a gel. This duo protects against sensitivity, gingivitis and caries with stabilized stannous fluoride with ACP technology. Brush twice daily with the paste and once with the gel for maximum protection.

Johnson & Johnson Reach Floss

The golden standard of floss. This simple waxed mint floss will keep your patients’ interproximal spaces free of debris, healthy and clean.

Ranir Plackers Twin-Line Flossers

Flossers are a great alternative to floss for those patients who need a little extra nudge to take care of their teeth. Plackers Twin-Line Flossers are uniquely coated with a whitening formula to whiten between teeth and have two lines of floss to prevent breakage and tearing. Break away the bottom half of this flosser and use it as a convenient foldaway pick to help remove food debris.

Sunstar Soft-Picks

Named appropriately, Soft-Picks have gentle rubber bristles that delicately yet effectively reach the spaces that floss cannot. These interproximal cleaners are an easy and convenient way to stimulate the gum tissue to keep perio issues at bay.

Johnson & Johnson Listerine Mouthwash

Listerine Total Care is a great rinse to send home with your patients because it provides 6 key benefits, including restoring precious enamel. While preventing cavities, Listerine can also strengthen teeth by up to 50% more than brushing alone.

Crest Sensi-Stop Strips

A recent addition to the market, Sensi-Stop Strips are a new way to fight sensitivity. The oxalate gel coats teeth and blocks the dentinal tubules, relieving symptoms of sensitivity for up to 30 days after use.

Oral-B Manual Bundle

A great option to consider instead of DIY take home kits. Designed to save you time and energy, these manual bundles come with a floss, brush and a paste along with a clear bag to put it all in. This particular bundle is designed specifically to help fight gingivitis and comes with bonus samples of Pro-Health rinse.