Kristen Girnau
Marketing Specialist and Former Dental Assistant
Patterson Dental

Kristen worked as a dental assistant in different offices over the course of 2 years, but developed a severe latex allergy that ultimately forced her to leave the office setting. Following her passion for dental, Kristen then began working at Patterson Dental. In her 20+ years at Patterson, she has held various positions including customer service at the branch level, and a marketing specialist at the corporate office. She currently works in the corporate marketing department as a new product manager, researching and vetting the newest trends in the dental industry.

Recently, GC America launched EQUIA™, a bulk fill, self-adhesive aesthetic posterior rapid restorative system. It is a combination of a self-adhesive, highly filled glass ionomer (Fuji IX™ GP Extra) and a self- adhesive filled resin surface sealant (G-COAT PLUS™). EQUIA™ …
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