Simplify Restorations with SimpliShade from Kerr

As dental practices get comfortable operating in the “new normal,” the burden of wearing—and storing—extra personal protective equipment (PPE) and time spent disinfecting operatories between patients continues to be a challenge. To meet these challenges, dentists are looking for new ways to save valuable chair time and streamline inventory management. The new SimpliShadeTM from Kerr can help speed up the shade-matching process while also freeing up shelf space to allow room for extra PPE storage.

Introducing SimpliShade

SimpliShade is the new simplified universal composite system by Kerr. With just three shades (Light, Medium and Dark), SimpliShade matches all 16 VITA® classical shades. Powered by Adaptive Response Technology (ART), the same technology found in HarmonizeTM, SimpliShade achieves simplicity with exceptional strength and unmatched esthetics.

With dentists confronting a wide range of challenges right now, SimpliShade allows for simplification and streamlining of their practices by allowing for faster shade-matching with just three shades. Having only three shades to choose from to match any of the 16 VITA classical shades helps shorten time spent in the chair so patients can get in and out of the operatory faster.

SimpliShade also allows for easier inventory management. To ensure the safety of staff and patients during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, dental offices are keeping more inventory of PPE and disinfectant products. This takes up shelf space and takes time when re-ordering and keeping track of inventory. By reducing the amount of dental composite needed, practices can save time from stocking shelves, re-ordering and keeping track of expired products. This also helps keep shelves more orderly and allows more room for PPE and disinfectant products that are even more critical now in practices. 

What dentists are saying about SimpliShade

Dentists are finding that SimpliShade is easy to use and superior to other products on the market. 

“At first I wasn’t thrilled with the composite, but as I worked with it more and adapted to it, I really liked it,” says Matthew Miller, DDS, of Huntersville, N.C. “I think it’s way easier to use and has better results than Omnichroma. It did a great job with the anterior and posterior restorations and did a great job with class three and four restorations. It was not too translucent and also wasn’t too monochromatic. The handling properties were excellent, but I would prefer it in a unidose carpule. While I wouldn’t switch from using SonicFill 3 and Harmonize, I think it has a great place in dentistry. It would work really well in practices who want to consolidate supplies and overhead. It offers dentists an easier solution to having better looking and performing restorations without needing to have a lot of cosmetic training or materials. The material polished well and had a hard consistency when contouring and polishing.”

For Rashpal Deol, DDS, of San Ramon, Calif., SimpliShade is his top choice for creating easy composites to match any of the 16 VITA classical shades.

“[SimpliShade is] my go to for most restorative procedures,” says Dr. Deol. “The handling is real good compared to similar products I have used.”

Bobby Bramblett, DMD, of Leeds, Ala., found the three shades offered by SimpliShade was all that was needed to get color right.

“I was amazed at the chameleon effect of this composite to match the tooth,” said Dr. Bramblett.

What makes SimpliShade superior to other products?

Compared to other brands on the market, SimpliShade shows:

  • Better polishability and ability to maintain luster and gloss over time
  • Excellent strength and better resistance to chipping and fracture over time
  • Excellent radiopacity
  • Optimal translucency

With dental practices looking to save time and make room for additional PPE and disinfectant inventory, SimpliShade is one solution that can help meet both challenges. The ease of use and unmatched esthetics make SimpliShade stand out from other products on the market.

SimpliShade is available now at

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