Stay Informed and Save Time with the New Eaglesoft News Center

Have you noticed the bright orange icon in the upper left-hand corner of your Eaglesoft 17 screen? This is an RSS Feed that we are calling our Eaglesoft News
. You might be asking yourself “What is RSS and why is it useful?”

New Eaglesoft News Center

I’ve seen the technical acronym for RSS described as “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication.” In fact, it’s just a simple way to stay informed and save time. News and information related to Eaglesoft and Patterson Technology comes to you! Think of it like subscribing to a newsletter but instead of that news being delivered to your mailbox or inbox, it’s pushed directly to where you spend the majority of your day, on the Eaglesoft front desk screen.

This news center allows us to deliver relevant and up-to-date information to all of our users. You will see a “New” banner across the orange icon if we have posted any new information. This notification is workstation specific, helping to keep everyone in the office informed and on the same page. I am very enthusiastic about this powerful communication system and what it means to all our customers.

We will post timely and relevant information such as how to locate and contact patients with remaining benefits and how to process end of year, and we will keep customers informed of upcoming and exciting training opportunities. We can also share information about things we are doing to improve your experience with our support team, such as our new phone system.

If you have already discovered the Eaglesoft News Center, I’d love to hear from you. What post(s) have been most informative or useful to your office? Let me know in the comments.