Technology in Practice: an Interview with Dr. Tarun Agarwal

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Dr. Tarun Agarwal knows a thing or two about dental technology. The son of an Indian immigrant dentist, he has built several cutting-edge, successful practices, leveraging everything from digital impressions, lasers, and intraoral cameras to 3D imaging as key components to maximizing profit and enriching his patient experiences. Named a Top 40 under 40 business leader by the Raleigh Triangle Business Journal, his patient reviews speak volumes. Garnering hundreds of five-star reviews and thousands of happy customers, he has found that working with Patterson to finance his technology has paid off in spades.

Here, he shares five reasons why you should consider integrating new technology into your practice and why Patterson is the best choice to help build your business. Read on for his experience with how continually upgrading equipment has led to a strong return on investment and swarms of satisfied patients.


1. Technology can Grow Your Practice

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“Having had experience, I would say it’s a shot in the arm for your practice or in your career. Technology can drive so much of that and opens the door to adding new procedures to your practice, making things fun again and doing better.”

Why Patterson: Patterson makes it easy to finance versus going through a bank, especially right now during our End of Year financing program. “With banks, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Credit checks can slow the process down a little bit. When we’ve worked with Patterson, they’ve often been able to offer locally-based programs. Sometimes they’re interest free, and the application process is simple.”


2. Technology Builds Patient Trust

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“It allows us to have patients say yes more often. I started my private practice as a 24-year-old, snot-nosed kid. To gain trust with patients at 24, I leveraged technology even back then to allow patients to see what it is I recommended. The most important thing was to allow them to see what was going on.”

Why Patterson: Patterson’s sales representatives, equipment experts, and Technology Center, provide superior service and support. “When you look to a distributor, you want great value. Tech is just a tool unless you know how to use it well. Part of knowing how to use it well is having a community of users and support around you to help guide you through that learning curve…and going beyond the learning curve to become a master at using it, whether that’s through peer to peer clinician connection, in-office training, or even through quarterly clubs. Most branches have some component or process in place to make it easier for dentists to be successful with the technology.”


3. Technology Levels the Playing Field

dr tarun agarwal

“What other people have in clinical or communication skills can be caught up to with technology. It levels the field. It helps those who aren’t as comfortable talking to patients or aren’t as good at surgery – it makes it easier for dentists to do that. It makes things that you thought weren’t possible, possible.”

Why Patterson: “Having the Patterson Technology Center number, and saying hey, we just need to call the number – let’s see if you can test me! [laughs] – 1-800-475-5036. When my team asks me questions, the fact that I have that memorized is something else. We have a great support team behind us to answer the complicated and simple questions, so that our team can be self-sufficient.”


4. Technology Increases Patient Retention by Allowing You to Offer More Services & Greater Convenience

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“As our society has become more technologically-oriented, our practices have to follow suit or we risk falling behind, or our patients choosing to go somewhere else.”

Why Patterson: Patterson takes the headache out of setup and lets you focus on patient care. “Any big purchase can seem overwhelming. Even simple things like getting it installed, having it network ready, learning how to use the technology, following up on the state paperwork, all these little things you don’t have to think about when you go through a rep and work with a qualified distributor.”


5. Technology is Important for Your Practice’s Future

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“Buy for what you want to be and not what you are today. Technology has always proven to add something new and has done what I expected it to do. It has also done something above and beyond what I expected. Those unexpected gains are what’s really awesome. Honestly, my advice is you’ve just got to do it.”

Why Patterson: Patterson offers exclusive year-end financing and a strong return policy. “My territory rep takes care of it. Typically for me, there hasn’t been a down payment and it has been pretty seamless. Patterson stands behind the product if it’s not the right fit. That was very important in my decision to buy.”


Dr. Agarwal’s Last Bit of Advice:
“It’s so important that we get the team involved in the integration and implementation process. Getting – to a certain degree – their “blessing” before we make the decision. Involve them from day one. It’s also important that practices leverage their distribution partner’s capability to really get a great result.”

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