Earlier this year Patterson partnered with Airway Management to bring you the TAP® Oral Appliance for snoring and sleep apnea. You may have seen the ad for TAP® in the May/June and July/August ONtarget magazines, or you may have seen them at the Patterson booth at the Hinman and CDA dental meetings this summer.

What is TAP®?

The TAP® is an FDA Class II medical device for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. It is a custom oral appliance composed of an upper and lower tray which, when engaged, pull the mandible forward to perform “CPR” while sleeping.

How does TAP® work?

When we snore and have apneic episodes during sleep, our airway is closing. The TAP® keeps the airway open, thereby preventing these events from happening. The TAP® has an anterior adjustment mechanism with a key that enables the patient to adjust their device while it’s in the mouth.

Who can prescribe TAP®?

Dentists are the primary practitioners for delivery of the TAP®. Dentists who perform this service are part of the fastest growing subspecialty of dentistry: “Dental Sleep Medicine.”

Who distributes TAP®?

Airway Management manufactures the TAP® and has exclusive distribution through Patterson Dental.

To find out more, visit or ask your Patterson representative.

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  1. very interested in tap 3 and tap-pap appliance. have 3 yrs experience in sleep dentistry field. member of AADSM wtih 45 hours of CE in oral appliance therapy.
    how do i become provider of tap appliances?

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