Training New Employees

New employees are typically hired and trained by office managers, yet managers are most often the busiest people in the office! We hear from our members often that this part of their job is time consuming and repetitive but it has to be done well. Systems are definitely integral to this process. Offices typically have guidelines that are known to existing team members, but the new employee is expected to pick them up as they go along.

We are helping our members with this training by offering our Foundations of Dental Practice Management series. This six-part series focuses on the key systems that an office manager expects a team member to be aware of. Our modules include training on:

  • Dental terminology
  • Phone skills
  • Dental marketing
  • Introduction to dental insurance
  • Recordkeeping basics
  • Essential report generation

After the training, managers can focus on educating the new employee on how the practice operates and other custom information. During this process the manager should be evaluating the employee on their willingness to learn, their aptitude and their ability to think quickly on the job. Human resource management is not the easiest part of the manager’s job, but we are trying to help in any way possible. We regularly provide webinar and conference classes on this subject because our members ask for it and we know it will make them better managers.

2 thoughts on “Training New Employees

  1. This sounds like a fantastic course that incorporates all the essential skills needed in the dental office. It would certainly save the office manager hours of time and less stress. I would highly recommend it for new dental employees!

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