Year End Savings, Long-Term Growth

We view technology differently at Patterson Dental. We partner with the industry’s leaders to keep the practices we serve on the cutting edge of advanced technology and equipment because we believe this is the future of dentistry and of your practice.

Because we want you to have the very latest and greatest for your practice, we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to usher in that future. Every fall, we publish a magazine dedicated to our most popular equipment and technology solutions – from cone beam and digital imaging technology to operatory packages and small equipment. Why is it so important to do this in the fall? By publishing it before the new year, practices can save.

The savings come in a few different ways. First, this publication includes special year-end financing rates on equipment and technology purchases that need to be approved by December 31. The savings guide has more details about the rates and conditions, and if you have specific questions, you can call your local Patterson rep.

And if you’re a Patterson Advantage® customer, you can redeem your Advantage Dollars to create additional savings. Nearly everything in the Equipment & Technology Year-End Savings Guide is eligible for Advantage Dollar redemption. And don’t forget that you can realize even further savings on year-end equipment and technology purchases through IRS Section 179 tax deductions. Reinvesting in your practice has never been as simple.

The year-end guide gives you a deeper look at the industry-leading technology that can help you optimize your practice and create a great patient experience. See for yourself that the amazing advancements in dental equipment and technology are not just the future, they’re your future.