5 Steps to Practicing a Positive and Productive Daily Huddle

Daily huddles are the best way to keep everyone on the team informed on the goals for the day and make the day flow more smoothly! It is important that they are both positive and productive to reap the best results. Here are the 5 steps to a positive and productive daily huddle.

1. Huddles are a priority!

Nothing else, not even patients, can take precedence over them. Otherwise, there will always be a reason why it was canceled. Can you imagine a professional sports team not having practice? Your huddles allow the team time to discuss a plan of action for the day. Which is why it is imperative that everyone on the team, including the doctors, is expected to be on time for them and be in attendance any day they are scheduled to work.

2. Have a positive huddle!

Start out the huddle with something positive like a positive quote, kudos from yesterday or a positive survey result! I post a daily quote on my Company Facebook Page for dental teams.

3. Set a specific agenda

Set a specific agenda of topics that are to be addressed at each huddle. The topics may differ from team to team. I suggest that teams choose what is most valuable in planning the flow of their day.

4. Define obstacles and rocks

Define obstacles and rocks that may impede flow as well as any rocks (tasks that need to be done that day or there will be negative consequences to the team, patients or practice) that need to be completed that day. An example of a rock might be a lab case that needs to go out, or ordering specific supplies if the practice will run out, or filling openings in the schedule for that day.

5. Everyone at the huddle is expected to take part

Everyone at the huddle is expected to take part in sharing any pertinent information that may affect the flow of the day. Some examples of topics might be:

  • Rocks and obstacles
  • Anything special (birthdays, anniversaries, health)
  • Any adjustments in schedule timing
  • Where to put emergencies
  • Who to ask for referrals
  • Outstanding treatment
  • Next 2 available doctor and hygiene appointments
  • Collections and financial arrangements
  • Intraoral camera patients
  • Lab cases
  • Consults ready for the next 3 days

Utilizing these 5 steps will help your team and patients reap the rewards of practicing a positive and productive daily huddle!