CAESY Cloud 1.3

I am thrilled to announce our biggest CAESY Cloud release since we launched the product!

There are many enhancements with CAESY 1.3, including:

  • Smile Channel content has been added to CAESY Cloud
  • Most Smile Channel presentations will now be in high definition (720p)
  • New and updated videos

  • Completely redesigned interface to support mobile, tablet and desktop browsers
  • Added tag filtering to make it easier to quickly find content
  • New search functionality to quickly find content
  • Added descriptions of each video
  • New, more descriptive titles
  • Ability to link videos to play sequentially – playlists
  • News feed with current CAESY information

Any current Cloud customers who would like to add the Smile Channel content to their existing CAESY Cloud package, should call the Patterson Technology Center at 800.294.8504. New customers can enroll on the Patterson Explore Store.