Patient education software has helped educate patients and increase dental practices’ case acceptance for years. During that time, CAESY has been the premier patient education software. As the dental technology leader, we were determined to take CAESY to the next level. That’s why we decided to take it to the cloud and bring you CAESY Cloud.

CAESY Cloud features include:

  • Easy startup with no installation
  • Pay only a low monthly subscription fee and you can start using CAESY Cloud in your practice immediately
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac services including iPads and iPhones – no additional software purchases are necessary
  • No network connections are necessary between participating computers, allowing presentations to be accessed from multiple locations within the practice with no additional charge
  • Presentations are updated frequently with instant access
  • As always, supported by our legendary Patterson Technology Center

With the addition of CAESY Cloud, we now offer three chairside formats to choose from – CAESY Cloud, CAESY DVD or CAESY Enterprise, and the entertaining and informative Smile Channel for the front office. Countless dental professionals have seen how CAESY optimizes staff time, eliminates the fatigue of repeating explanations and increases case acceptance rates in the practice.

To find out more about adding CAESY Cloud to your practice, contact your Patterson representative or call 800.294.8504.