Eaglesoft 16 Dockable Panels

The last thing we want is for our software to drive how your dental practice operates. That’s why we have always been proud of the way Eaglesoft can be customized to work the way your practice works. Eaglesoft 16 has now taken customization to the next level with Eaglesoft 16 Dockable Panels in OnSchedule.

Dockable Panels are miniature windows that can be opened, closed, moved and attached to different areas of the existing screens. This allows you to easily access the information you use most without having to open and close windows. All you have to do is use the buttons on your OnSchedule toolbar to open the panel you want. It will open as a “floating panel” that you can simply drag anywhere in the window to dock.

OnSchedule Bottom Tab

OnSchedule Appointment Notes

The following panels are dockable in OnSchedule:

  • Go To Day 
  • Appointment Search 
  • Find Free Time
  • Appointment Queue
  • Schedule Notes 

Having easy access to these convenient Eaglesoft features you use most will help make scheduling quick and easy for you and your dental patients.