Can You Guess These 10 Celeb Smiles? [Quiz]

celebrity smile quizThere’s no time like “The Oscars” to catch a little inspiration from the Hollywood elite. When stepping out on the red carpet, celebrities bump up the glamour which includes boasting bright and beautiful smiles. And those perfect teeth? They could be the work of a talented cosmetic dentist, or, in the words of Lady Gaga, they were just born that way. Whatever the case, these stars are always ready to stun, smile, and shine. But not every famous “set of chompers” are the same. Want to break up your day and have a little fun as you get ready to catch the Academy Awards this Sunday? Test your celebrity knowledge by trying your best to identify these 10 celeb smiles. Good luck!



nicole kidman smile closeup

Be careful, this Australian actress and film producer might put a spell on you with her white wonders.

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ryan gosling smile closeupThis smile is definitely one you’ll want to jot down in your notebook.

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denzel washington smile closeupEven when he’s not playing a high school football coach, this actor always brings his smile A-game.

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jimmy kimmel smile closeupThis quick-witted New Yorker will keep you up past your bed time with his hilarious humor.

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angeline jolie smile closeupWe don’t know what people talk about more: this stars humanitarian efforts, family, or lips!

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justin bieber smile closeupThis teenage dreamboat would ? never say never ? for the chance to show off his chiseled chompers.

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usher smile closeupThis star’s killer smile and dance moves have everyone going, “OMG.”

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taylor swift smile closeupNo wonder why she’s one of pop’s top recording artists, we see absolutely no “blank spaces” in this smile.

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jennifer lawrence smile closeupDis this perfect smile, and…may the odds be ever in your favor.

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brat pitt smile closeupYou don’t get to be named People’s “sexiest man alive” twice with just any grin.

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How many did you get right? (Without peeking first ?) Share in the comments below!

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