Connecting Job Seekers with Relevant Opportunities

Gone are the days of searching for a job in the classified section of the newspaper. Candidates today are seeking employment via the web on their PCs, laptops and even those handy mobile devices we all carry around with us. However, placing job advertisements in locations where job seekers are most likely to find them is still the name of the game.

With over 200 million searches for “jobs” conducted on Google in one month alone, appearing at the top of a candidate’s search is key to attracting talented individuals to apply for an open position. Patterson’s enhanced career site does just that.

Our new platform allows candidates to more effectively search for openings using major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Helping prospective employees find our open positions quickly and easily is just one way that Patterson is utilizing technology to connect job seekers with a rewarding career.

Also incorporated into the Patterson career site are a number of other features that streamline and simplify our recruitment process, including:

  • Branded landing pages with key job information
  • Branded job pages
  • Candidate-friendly search tool
  • Social sharing tools
  • Optional talent community (to receive automatic job notifications)

Experience Patterson’s enhanced career site today:!