Announcing DDS Rescue!

Last week at the ADA Annual Session, we announced our partnership with DDS Rescue!  DDS Rescue is a business continuity solution.  Your patient data, and your ability to access that data, is critical for the health of your practice.  DDS rescue goes that extra step to clone your entire server so should your server computer become unavailable for any reason DDS Rescue is there – allowing you to be back up and running in a matter of minutes.

DDS Rescue includes:

  • Onsite redundant server.  This Linux server will completely clone your current server – including all of your programs.  So, if your server goes down, this redundant server can take over for your practice.
  • Cloud backup.  In addition to the onsite server, your files will be routinely copied to multiple cloud storage facilities.
  • 24 hour system monitoring.  Every backup is verified and you are provided a status update confirming your information is safe

With the choice between PattLock, our online data back-up solution, and DDS Rescue I feel we are offering great solutions to match our customer’s needs for data protection.

3 thoughts on “Announcing DDS Rescue!

  1. Our goal in bringing this to the market place was to provide an option that allows a dentist to be up and running again within minutes of losing their server computer. This solution offers a separate server computer on site that has all the office programs, passwords, favorites and data cloned from the office server. So should the office server be unavailable for any reason the second server is already onsite and available to get that office running within minutes. This same full clone of the server is also saved in multiple locations off-site so if both servers are unavailable for any reason, the office can be set to run off the complete cloud version of their server. This is unique from most offerings we have found available in the dental market.
    Patterson also offers PattLock – a cloud based data backup only option. With both of these options available to our customers we feel we are offering a backup solution for any office.

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