Dental Product Shopper Product Evaluation: Patterson Primary Molar Stainless Steel Crowns

A recent review in Dental Product Shopper evaluated the Patterson Primary Molar Stainless Steel Crowns, which come precrimped, prebelled and prefestooned to expedite placement and fit. With the importance of performing pediatric dental procedures quickly in mind, the review looked at durability, fit, ease of placement, practice benefits and overall satisfaction.

As outlined in the review, Patterson Primary Molar Stainless Steel Crowns are strong and durable, offering full-coverage provisional treatment for pediatric posterior teeth. One dentist, Gregory McGann, DMD, found the stainless steel “crown in its entirety was tapered and easy to adapt for a quick fit.”

Speaking on ease of placement, Rishi Verma, DDS, found the crowns were “efficient and predictable, and [they were] very easy to work with and adaptable.”

In looking at practice benefits, the review found the crowns to be a cost-effective option that is similar in quality to more expensive competitors. With the crowns designed to ease and expedite placement and fit to save chair time, evaluators found them to be beneficial to their practice and said they would buy them again. Read the full article on the Dental Product Shopper website or click the image below to download the PDF. Now until Feb. 28, 2020, you can buy seven, get three of the same crowns free. Order online at or check with your Patterson representative for current promotions.

Click image to download a PDF version of the Dental Product Shopper product evaluation.

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