Maximize Practice Productivity and Conserve PPE with the Solea Laser

Every dental practice strives to get the most out of scheduling and clinical workflows to maximize productivity and patient care each day; every minute of the schedule and procedure counts. This is especially true during a pandemic. Just when you think there can’t be another minute to be found, the Solea all-tissue dental laser opens up a new level of productivity for your practice. From workflow to scheduling, the Solea laser helps your practice achieve more each day while also conserving personal protective equipment (PPE) in the process. 

Do more each day

On average, dentists with Solea perform four to five more procedures each day. Sounds hard to believe but think about the workflow minutes lost when a practice doesn’t have the Solea laser.

For example, take one cavity prep and add up the time needed to calm the patient, administer anesthesia and then wait for the patient to numb. Some doctors bounce from operatory to operatory during this wait time to increase productivity as much as they can. Procedures with the Solea laser are anesthesia-free so doctors can get right to work adding efficiencies to the workflow. Plus, patients are happy to learn that there will be no needles and no drills during their treatment.

“Solea is a complete and overall game changer for the practice and the patient, like no other piece of equipment I have had the experience of sharing.”

Patterson Equipment Specialist Mark Plancon

Another example where Solea improves workflow and saves scheduling time is with multi-quadrant work. Receiving a diagnosis of decay in multiple quadrants of the mouth usually necessitates multiple separate appointments. With the Solea laser, the doctor can accomplish a complete treatment plan in a single visit. The patient isn’t inconvenienced with multiple appointments and the practice gains back valuable chair time to serve other patients. 

It is no wonder that Solea doctors can use the time savings they gain to perform more procedures each day; while also boosting revenue. “There are so many ways that the Solea laser has positively impacted the performance of the practitioner, the experience the patient receives and the overall productivity of the dental team,” says Patterson Equipment Specialist Mark Plancon. “Solea is a complete and overall game changer for the practice and the patient, like no other piece of equipment I have had the experience of sharing.”

An optimized workflow leads to PPE cost savings

The workflow and scheduling efficiencies gained by integrating Solea into a practice, provides another benefit for doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic: the ability to more effectively use PPE, allowing for better conservation. 

Convergent Dental, the developer of Solea, describes the challenge of conserving PPE, “the common practice of injecting a patient, leaving that operatory and working in another operatory before returning to the original patient may become a primary challenge for providers. It is further exacerbated in situations where patients must be seen over multiple visits for problems in multiple quadrants.” When anesthesia is not part of the treatment, doctors can stay with their patients and complete the procedure without down time or an additional change of PPE.

When you can achieve more in a single appointment, you can operate more efficiently while also reducing PPE consumption. “You can do more procedures on one patient,” says Solea user Mark Ligocki, DDS. “You don’t have to turn down rooms left and right and re-set up. Plus, you can add more same-day procedures to your workflow.”

The ability to stay with one patient and complete a procedure without anesthesia delays and to treat more in a single visit can help practices with Solea to more effectively use their PPE supply. Through maximizing productivity and conserving PPE, Solea doctors can keep costs low and patients happy. “The doctors I encounter are hungry for education on technologies that can drive practice success and create a positive patient experience,” says Plancon. “That’s Solea.”

Solea allows for anesthesia-free dentistry for virtually every cavity prep, all in less time than it takes with a drill. With the ability to do more procedures in a single visit, Solea can maximize productivity while also reducing PPE consumption. See all the ways the Solea laser can bring value to your practice at

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